What I Do
I take care of all your computer software needs and also integrate the latest technology into your home.

Whether that means removing malware, reloading software, computer backup or data storage solutions. Home automation with Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Creating a wireless network robust enough to handle a whole family of tech users, based on your needs. Streaming 4K to your Smart TV, Online Gaming, Mobile phones, Tablets or Laptops/Desktops. Making all your devices work simultaneously and seamlessly, no matter how many are sharing your connection*

*Network speed is dependant on the download speed on which is offered by your Internet Service Provider
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Today's digital challenges
Did you ever think that your computer is slowing down because it was getting old? It might be infected with malware. Malware the number one reason for computer sluggishness. I use the latest cutting edge tools to remove all threats to protect your data. I also specialise in moving your data from the computer to a backup hard drive to protect your precious files and to prevent data loss. I offer more complex in-depth backup strategies from cloud-based protection and even network attached storage drives. All of this without the techno-babble you get from most computer shops.